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Landscape Design

Articulate Landscaping is one of Wisconsin’s most trusted landscape design companies with a solid track record to boot. We have more than two decades of successfully creating great landscapes that are both stunning and functional. Throughout the years of doing business in the cities of Grafton, Sussex, New Berlin, and many other areas in Wisconsin, our skilled designers have translated our clients’ landscape ideas into full-color designs with exceptional details.

Contact us soon and let us begin work in designing the kind of landscape that you’ve been dreaming of.

Bringing Dull Landscapes to Life through Great Designs

Among the most common problems of property owners across the state is the lack of character and functionality of their landscapes. This could be either due to an unimaginative previous designer or because their outdoors simply got outdated over the years. Our goal at Articulate Landscaping is to turn dull landscapes into more stunning outdoor spaces complete with all the provisions that will ensure a comfortable stay.

We have a creative team composed of seasoned personnel with exceptional landscape design skills. Our artists create eco-friendly designs that promote the extensive use of native plants to achieve a look that is unique to Wisconsin properties. They also incorporate materials such as permeable pavers that reduce storm water runoff and help fight local heat island effects. We also ensure that trees are positioned strategically in areas where they can provide the best cooling effect to help reduce our clients’ utility bills.

Our people will also help create balance by adding water features and other elements to the designs. Our design plans will also add some interesting features such as rock or vegetable gardens, groundcover, terraced stone steps, geometric turf cubes, and many others. There is absolutely no limit to what we can do, so just tell us your ideas, and we will gladly find a creative way to incorporate them into our landscape design proposals.

Interesting Landscape Designs and Themes

We have been creating stunning landscape designs that serve as springboards to beautiful landscape features and amenities. Through the creative use of various design elements, we can achieve specific themes including modern, Mediterranean, Mexican, Zen, Old World, and contemporary. We can also come up with customized designs for your landscape, such as highlighting plants that change colors every season, making hedges as focal points, adding ornamental trees, and even installing some outdoor lighting for optimum drama at night.

When you hire us to work on a landscape design plan, we will strive to capture your ideas and employ creative measures to fuse them with our own for a unique theme that you will surely love.

Top-notch Landscape Design Services for Wisconsin Clients

Articulate Landscaping promises you a one-of-a-kind landscape design that will help flesh out your dream outdoors. With us, you can already look forward to enjoying countless relaxing moments within the premises of your commercial or residential property. This way, we can truly live up to our reputation as a company where clients’ dreams become a reality.

Call 920-668-5101 today for any of your inquiries. We can provide a free estimate and even a list of past projects for your reference. We look forward to working with you.
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